Bonnie Dickinson gets up at the crack of dawn, takes her shower and starts her day; she lays out her husband’s work clothes, her children’s school clothes and then heads downstairs to fix them all a full breakfast before they begin their days. She’s proud of her family; her husband, Frank, is a Deputy with the Babylon Sheriff’s Department, Son, Brad, is on the Babylon High School football team, and daughter, Sarah, is on the cheerleading squad. Bonnie’s family is her life, her work and her entertainment. She was born in Babylon and hasn’t really travelled anywhere much, except for a trip to Des Moines once. Her best friend, Linda, lives next door, in the blue rancher; they know everything about each other…except, Bonnie doesn’t know that Linda is married to an angel and that her children are nephilim. Most of the humans in Babylon are just like Bonnie Dickinson; they have no idea a war is being waged right under their noses.

The war began a long time ago, but it has come to a head within the last couple of years- especially with the discovery of an ancient prophecy.

The sleepy little town of Babylon, Iowa was once a quiet, carefree place, where everybody knew everybody and the biggest crime was Mrs. Chaulski’s sinfully delicious apple cake. But in the last decade it has seen two influxes in the population.

The first change the town saw was blamed on the interstate off ramp being built and a truck stop going up in 2000; townsfolk thought this brought big city folk tourists into their town and some decided to stay. For the first time since it’s founding, Babylon had a bad part of town. A gambling hall, porn shop, some said a brothel, a tattoo parlor all went up and there were drug dealers in town. What the good people of Babylon didn’t realize was, these were demons, come to corrupt their town and people and have a fun time doing so.

The rather large host of demons, had found a thin crack in the firmament, during Samhain in 1969 and used it to escape Hell and come onto Earth to have themselves some playtime. When they went to return, however, the crack had sealed itself. They had a good time corrupting the good people of earth, going their separate ways and wreaking havoc where they could. In 2000 one of the demons stumbled upon the pious town of Babylon, Iowa. Unable to pass up such a temptation, a few demons settled there and began to corrup the town, drawing other demons in little by little.

The second change came in 2010, when there was a sudden influx of people again. These people seemed to be fine, upstanding folk and yet, people had to wonder why their small town had become so popular. One of their number explained that because of the downfall in the economy, many people were having to sell their expensive homes and buy in markets they could better afford. A boom in farming also explained the influx as Babylon was surrounded by fertile farm land after the American government encouraged people to go West and make their living with farming. These new arrivals were, in truth, angels who had been cast out from Heaven for falling in love with their human charges.

The angels were sent only to inspire and comfort citizens and soldiers alike during WWII, but many of them got too close, cared too much and fell in love. This was not their job, their function. The entire choir, all orders were cast out. Now, with the reading of the prophesy, there is a way back in to Heaven, but they must go to Babylon; they must free Babylon and cure the disease the demons have seeded there.

The reason for the second influx is unknown to the human population, but when construction workers were digging the foundation for Babylon’s new movie theater, one man found a clay jar with a scroll inside and on the scroll was written a strange prophecy. The man quickly took it to the minister of his church and this minister called the religious leaders from all the houses of worship in Babylon in for a meeting. The construction worker was sworn to secrecy, of course, and sent on his way.

The prophecy read:
"And it shall come to pass that upon the end of a half century that the angels shall righteously destroy the devils of Hell and shall cleanse the earth of pestilence and plague. They may return and rejoice in heaven forever if in righteousness shall angels smite the devils of Hell. Each moon shall allow a battle upon the soil of the earth, at the end of the day and the beginning of the next. The just shall prevail, for no angel should bring death upon a devil without testament of guilt. And if in the end shall devils, in rage, smite the angels they may reign as Princes while angels turn to dust."

The battle shall be for 50 years and, if the angels succeed in ridding Babylon of every demon, plus saving the souls of every evil-tainted human and daemonem in the town, they will be allowed back into Heaven. However, if the Demons rid the town of every angel and corrupt every nephilim and pious human in town, they shall be allowed back into Hell to rule as Princes.

The prophecy, promising a return to heaven, has drawn the angels to Babylon to rid the place of demons and other evil minded people. The demons who left Babylon several years ago have begun to return in order to help defend their bretheren against the angels. The only problem is that any angel or demon who enters Babylon cannot leave until the prophecy is fulfilled.

Both sides are desperate to achieve victory. For 2 years this struggle has gone back and forth within the town limits of Babylon. At this point, the winning side is not so far ahead of the losing side; it’s a hard fought give and take. The angels want to return to heaven and have been promised a place for their loved ones, as well. The demons want to go back to Hell to live as princes in their fiery inferno.

And still Bonnie Dickinson goes on with her life without the slightest clue that her quaint little town is, in fact, a warzone.