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  • Age:
  • AIM, Y!M or MSN:
  • Email:
  • Timezone:
  • IJ Journal for the Character:
  • Link to picture for character page (at least 100x100):
  • Where did you hear about us?
  • What is the sell by date on those Red Vines?

Character Info

  • Full Name:
  • Celestial/True Name: (if applicable)
  • Nickname(s):
  • Gender:
  • Species: (Angel, Demon, Nephilim, Daemonem, Human, Hunter, etc.)
  • House/Order & Faction: (if applicable, one of each must be chosen for Angels and Demons, a faction only is appropriate for Nephilim and Daemonem and usually is the one their celestial parent belongs to.)
  • PB: (Played By)
  • Character Age and DOB:
  • Appearance: (should include any distinguishing features)
  • Personality: (2+ paragraphs, please)
  • Background: (This does not need to be a book but we are looking for a well developed and thought out character, 4+ paragraphs, please)
  • Strength(s): (Please review the races/guidelines list when putting this together- this can also include personality strengths)
  • Weakness(es): (Please review the races/guidelines list when putting this together - this can also include personality weaknesses)
  • Abilities Due to Species: (Please review the races/powers list and include these in your character's abilities.)
  • Talents and Hobbies:
  • Family and Friends: (Can be living in or out of Babylon)
  • Residence:
  • How long has your character been in Babylon?:
  • Job/Career/School: (if your character will be owning/operating a business, please provide a short description, hours of operation and an image at least 200x200.)

Extras (New Applicants Only)

  • Have you read the rules, FAQ, and all guidelines?
  • Substantial 3rd person post
  • Sample 1st person post
  • In what ways would you like to see your character grow in this game?