Character Creation

1. Choose a Race: Decide if you want to play an angel, demon, nephilim, daemonem, hunter or regular human. All are wanted and necessary to a well balanced game. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them. No other races are allowed in the game.
2. Choose a House/Order for Angels or Demons: Each house/order has different powers and ideals. Half-breeds will identify with the house/order their supernatural parent is from.
3. Choose a Faction: Each faction works toward different goals, decide where you want to take your character, what you want them to work toward, what you want their challenges to be, etc.
4. Choose a Power: For angels and demons, their factions and houses will determine their powers. Choose how they use these powers and what they can and cannot do with them. For hunters and half-breeds, choose the power they have inherited from their parent.
5. Choose their Appearance: Human visage/glamour for angels and demons. For half-breeds, choose a few traits to inherit from their supernatural parent.
6. Choose a Name: Angels and Demons will have a human name to go with their human facade, but all of them will also have a celestial or true name. True names should come from an ancient language such as Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, etc.
7. Choose a Job: Your characters should have a job appropriate to their powers and nature.
8. Write a Background and Personality: It is important that your character's personality reflect their true nature. Demons aren't nice guys, and angels aren't evil. Angels and demons will have made-up backgrounds to tell to humans, but they should also have some sort of background detailing their exile or fall up until their time in Babylon.