Please let us know if you have questions on anything and we will add it to the FAQ as necessary.

Character FAQ

  1. What kind of characters can play in Forsaken: The Prophecy?- Original characters only. We are not looking for angels or demons mentioned in religious texts or history books. And while this is a supernatural game, not all supernatural creatures are allowed. Angels, Demons, Nephilim, Daemonem and Humans only are allowed in the game. For more information on these particular races, please see the Race Guidelines. If you are not sure or have questions about what is allowed in the game, please direct them to the mods.
  2. Can I have a hybrid or combination of races?- Some species can have hybrids. There is however no Angel/Demon hybrid. If you have a specific question that is not addressed in our species rules, please ask the mods for approval.
  3. Can my character be the child of a Nephilim or Daemonem?- Yes. The oldest Nephilim are 70 years of age and the oldes Daemonem are 50 years of age. Offspring of a human and a half-breed will produce a human, however this human has the potential for some powers inherited to a lesser degree from their supernatural parent. Offspring of two Nephilim will have a 1 in 8 chance of producing another Nephilim, but they are usually human. Two Daemonem have a 1 in 10 chance of producing another Daemonem, but generally produce a human. More often than not a hunter is the product of a Nephilim and Daemonem union.
  4. How many characters can I have?- There is no character limit. However, you may only start with one. Once you have proven your understanding of the setting of the game and have proven to be active with your first character, you may apply for additional characters. Please contact the mods if you have questions.
  5. Where does the game take place?- A fictional town in Northern Iowa called Babylon.
  6. Can characters come and go as they choose?- To a degree, yes. Angels and Demons are only able to leave Babylon for a 24 hour period. They are tied to the prophecy and cannot leave until the battle is won for either side. Nephilim, Daemonem and Humans are not held to this standard and may come and go as they like.
  7. What is the town like?- It is a small city with a lot of land area used for farming. It is the type of place where everyone knows everyone, especially if they live in the same neighborhood. It used to be a really quiet town until the demons began to settle there and brought sin and debauchery with them.
  8. Where will my character live?- There are several neighborhoods and two apartment complexes where they can live. Some of the neighborhoods are low income while others are more wealthy. It all depends on where they can afford to live.
  9. Who’s running things?- There is an NPC mayor who is basically in charge of the town. He reports to higher authorities on a county and state level, but he makes quite a few of the decisions pertinent to the city's operation. There is law enforcement in town in the form of police, too.
  10. Can my character die?- If you want them to, yes. However, they will not be able to come back from the dead.
  11. Will my angel or demon remember their time in heaven or hell?- Yes. And they want to go back. It's the basis of the prophecy and without it would be a little difficult to explain.
  12. Are all angels fallen?- Angels are refered to as the Scorned and all demons are refered to as the Fallen. Demons are really angels who have fallen from grace and ended up in Hell. The angels are the scorned because they made a mistake that has bound them to the earth until the end of the prophecy has come to pass.
  13. Do all angels have a sword or just the Gabrielites?- All angels have a celestial-forged sword. It is difficult to conceal so most angels out in public don't really carry it around in plain sight, but it can be hidden with long trench coats or dusters, etc.
  14. Can an angel be bad or a demon be good?- No. It goes against their nature. It would be like an elephant acting like a lion. It just doesn't work and there are punishments for angels being bad and demons doing good.
  15. Where did the angels come down?- They were led down by Zaharel, but they scattered during the war and went to all parts of the world to comfort those in need. They started migrating to Babylon after the prophecy was read in 2010- two years ago.
  16. Where did the demons come out?- They came through the crack in the firmament in New York City in 1960. The crack was sealed and the demons scattered. They began migrating to Babylon in 2000 when Basarel found the pious city to be a fresh challenge. More started arriving after the prophecy was read and their fellow demons would need help defeating the angels.

Game FAQs

  1. What time period does this take place in?- Present day.
  2. How does day advancement work?- It runs in real time. This means that when it is Valentine’s Day in the real world, it is Valentine’s Day in Forsaken: the Prophecy.
  3. How will I know what the weather is and stuff like that?- Under the location information for Babylon there is a weather widget that will tell you what the current weather conditions are like. If a big storm is coming or a fairly large natural disaster happens, there will be an announcement made in the OOC.
  4. Will God and Lucifer be NPCs or Playable characters or not in the mix of the game at all?- God and Lucifer will not be a part of this game. They may be mentioned in passing, but they are not an important part of the game and should not be widely acknowledged as far as the game is concerned.
  5. What is the sell by date on these Red Vines?- 03.12.12
  6. This game setup sounds awfully familiar, is it based on anything?- Some of the lore and information concerning Angels and Demons has been taken from "Demon: the Fallen" a White Wolf RPG and "Engel" a Sword and Sorcery Studios RPG. But the premise, the setting and most everything else is from the minds of the mods.
  7. Is AIM threading allowed?- AIM, Google Docs, Email... whatever is easiest for you is allowed. They should still be posted to the main community and will need to be formatted in such a way that it is easy to see the distinction between the two writers.
  8. How should community posts be formatted?-
  9. When and how often can I post?- You may post as often as you like. Just try to make sure that your posts don’t overlap so there isn’t contradictory things happening in your thread. Because if your character gets knocked out in the morning, they may not be bright and cheery or even conscious in the afternoon.
  10. Where do I send my application?- Send applications to:
  11. How long will it take to process the application?- Hopefully not more than a day or two. You should have feedback by that time.
  12. When are adds done?- Once a week, usually on Sundays. More often as time allows.
  13. Do I have to introduce myself once accepted?- It would be nice. That way everyone can greet you and tell you about themselves and their characters.
  14. Should I greet new players?- Absolutely. Introduce yourself and the characters you play. It isn’t cool to be ignored, as a new player especially.
  15. Where do I plot new storylines?- In the plotting community, prophecy_plots. Put up a thread asking for storylines and plots and get to know each other.
  16. Who controls the tags?- The mods control the tags being added to the journal, but please tag your threads with your character name and location as well as completion status. The tags help determine if a thread is complete or not and who is participating.

General FAQs

  1. How long are character/PB holds?- One week for those who are not currently members of the game. Two weeks for current members.
  2. Can I challenge a hold?- Yes. If it has been more than a week.
  3. What kinds of PBs are allowed?- We would prefer PBs of real people- celebrities, models, musicians, etc. However, myspace people, friends, family, etc. are not allowed to be used as PBs. Please consider who best fits the character and the game. Extremely punky PBs, period specific PBs, goth PBs, etc. are not prevalent in small towns. That isn't to say that these types are banned or don't exist in the smaller towns, there are some but not a ton and caps will be used if they seem to be getting out of hand.
  4. Where do I get icons?- Premade icons for certain celebs can be found by googling that celeb along with the word icons, i.e. “brad pitt icons”. Making your own icons can be done with whatever paint or photo program you have on your computer using guidelines for size from IJ’s FAQ (usually about 100x100px). There is also an online icon site at
  5. What are NPC characters?- Non Playable Characters. Meaning that they are not a constantly manned character. They may only be needed for one or two storylines and don’t need to be in the game all the time.
  6. How do pregnancies, divorces, weddings, etc. work in this game?- These work the same as they would in the real world. They take time. If you are going to have your character conceive, then you should be willing to play it out for the entire length of time.
  7. What do all those acronyms stand for?-
    OOC- Out of Character
    IC- In Character
    IRL- In Real Life
    NPC- Non Playable Character
    PB- Played By
    SL- Storyline
    RPG- Role Playing Game
    RP- Role Play
    OC- Original Character
    OTA- Open To All
  8. What is a mod? Who are they?- The mods are the people who run the community and the game. Usually the creators and maintainers. Our mods are Mark and Ally.
  9. What is god-modding?- This is when your character controls another character’s actions without their permission. It isn’t cool, don’t do it. It also can happen if you force other characters into situations they would not normally be in because of the actions of your character. If your character pisses someone off so much that they might kill them but game rules stipulate that as a no-no, you force the other player to make their character do something out of the ordinary for them, which is a form of god-modding.
  10. Do I need an AIM account?- It is not necessary, but it is helpful for someone who might want to plot with you. It is not necessary to have an AIM account dedicated to each of your characters. It is strictly an OOC thing for threading and communication between players.
  11. Is slash allowed and if so, how far?- I would like to begin this by saying that if bisexual or homosexual behavior is offensive to you, please refrain from joining this RP. With that said, other chars can have whatever sexual preference you choose. Slash is allowed with no limits save that we would like this to be a believable story with a greater storyline than bed hopping. Sex must be believable and well written. Please also understand that Angels must be married before sexual relations may happen and Nephilim must be in a monogomous relationship as infidelity and extramarital sex are seen as sins, which weaken Angels.
  12. Are there any posting limits?- There are no time limits to posting. However, if you are inactive with any character for more than two weeks without reason, we will contact you for a reason. If you are inactive with a character for more than a month, we will assume you have lost interest and remove that character from the game. Please notify the mods with any leave of absence, or other IRL issues. Also, please be aware that when you are involved in a thread with others that it is only considerate to post in a timely manner. Making others in a thread wait for a few days between posts is unfair. If you will not be around to post in a timely manner, keep people updated about your status. It is not necessary to be involved in a thread every day if you cannot manage it. With that said, if you are in a thread with someone and they haven’t posted in a few days, you’re more than welcome to tell them that it is their turn to post, but please do not pester someone with questions about whey they are not posting or when they will be posting. That is not fun, and no one likes to be pestered, it just makes people not want to play with you.
  13. How do personal journals work?- They are used for customs, first-person journal entries, ooc information, send letters, notes and messages to others and sometimes for entries written out with other players that take place in the past and aren’t appropriate to post for the current in-game day.
  14. Where do threads get posted?- All threads, whether they were done through email, AIM or in the community itself, need to be posted in the_prophecy.
  15. Where do I post first person interaction?- A community (babylon_net) has been set up to mock a networking site. It should be used as you would use facebook or twitter. Post status updates for your characters, random lyrics, images, thoughts, etc. Mock messenger conversations can also take place there. If a post is private, it should be marked as such, clearly, in the subject. If it is only viewable to a certain race or person, mark it that way in the subject, i.e. "Viewable by Demons only." , "Viewable by Jill", etc. If it is not marked it will be assumed viewable by the public.
  16. Where can I plot with others or ask for lines?- We would prefer that you use the plot community, prophecy_plots, for all your plotting and pimping needs. It has open membership and can be viewed by non-members.
  17. Where should I post or discuss OOC stuff?- To announce a hiatus, wish someone a happy birthday, let us know why you've been scarce, etc., please use the OOC community, prophecy_ooc. Problems with other players, the game or general rants and raves don't belong in the OOC, if you have something you need to discuss, do it privately with who it concerns and the mods. We really don't want the drama poisoning the game.

Coding FAQs

  1. Bold- <*b>text<*/b>
  2. Italic- <*i>text<*/i>
  3. Underline- <*u>text<*/u>
  4. Strikethrough- <*s>text<*/s>
  5. Center Text- <*center>text<*/center>
  6. LJ Cut with Text- <*lj-cut text=”text”>text<*/lj-cut>
  7. Link- <*a href=”web address”>link text<*/a>
  8. Picture- <*img src=”image address”>
  9. Link a Picture- <*a href=”web address”><*img src=”image address”><*/a>
  10. Indent- &*emsp;&*emsp;text
  11.     (The *s must be removed from the above codes in order to work)