Some suggestions for possible jobs your character might hold in relation to their house/order or faction. If you have suggestions for additional jobs, please let us know and we will get them added here.


  • Michaelites- Leaders of some type. CEOs, Civic Leaders, Bankers, etc.
  • Urielites- Someone who finds things. Detectives, Private Investigators, etc.
  • Gabrielites- Positions that involve physical activity and competition. Fighters, boxers, sports players, etc.
  • Ramielites- A position that uses sight. Seeing Eye Dog Trainer, Psychic, Palm Reader, etc.
  • Raphaelitex- Jobs that involve healing and medicine. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc.
  • Scholars- Teachers, counselors, librarians, students, etc.
  • Rectifiers- Prosecution lawyers, police, judges, detectives, etc.
  • Enlisted- Military, personal trainers, etc.
  • Resisters- Landscapers, environmentalists, florists, etc.
  • Watchers- Preachers, evangelists, missionaries, etc.


  • Lammasu- Jobs that deal with fluidity and water. Dancers, hookers, escorts, bartenders, etc.
  • Namaru- Positions that are associated with fire. Firefighters, bakers, cooks, chefs, etc.
  • Rabisu- Someone who works with people or animals. Veterinarians, farmers, pimps, etc.
  • Annunaki- Those who work with the earth. Archaeologists, sculptors, farmers, etc.
  • Asharu- Jobs that are associated with air. Heating and Air Conditioning Techs, hairdressers, glass blowers, etc.
  • Faustians- Corporate owners, businessmen, drug dealers, etc.
  • Cryptics- Teachers, researchers, engineers, etc.
  • Luciferans- Military, ROTC, etc.
  • Raveners- Demolition, construction, architects, etc.
  • Tainters- Porn shop owners, porn stars, drug dealers, club owners, etc.


  • Shop Owners- There are a lot of shops available to own; hardware, antiques, toys, etc.
  • Coaches- With as many sports teams as there are, they need coaches.
  • Tourist Help- Lifeguards, tour guides, equipment rentals, etc. All that stuff is needed out on the lake.
  • Janitors, Gardners, Housekeepers, Babysitters- All the menial little things that need to be taken care of at the schools and in the richer parts of town.
  • Mechanics, Laborers- A necessary part of life!
  • Retail- Someone's gotta do it!