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Map LocationDescription
Clear LakeClear Lake- The lake that Babylon borders is a beautiful blue lake with fishing, boating, swimming and other recreational sports available to experience. It is a source of pride for the town and is their main tourist attraction.
HospitalMercy Hospital- The city hospital has everything a city hospital needs; maternity ward, operating rooms, emergency room... but for major surgeries, complicated tests and severe injuries, patients will need to go to the county hospital.
High SchoolBabylon High- Caters to youth in grades 9-12. It is one of the top schools in the state and the football and baseball games are especially well attended. Their mascot is: Badgers
Elementary SchoolBabylon Elementary- Children in grades K-8 attend this school. In grades 6-8 organized sports are offered along with a cheerleading team. Their mascot is: Beavers
Community CollegeBabylon Community College- The community college is fairly small and for a more specified and unique education, students are encouraged to attend a state college. However, for general trades and associates degrees, the community college is perfect and well respected.
Football FieldThe football field where practices are held and where the games take place during football season.
Soccer FieldsCity leagues as well as the school teams use these fields for practice and games.
Baseball DiamondCity and school teams utilize the field for practice and games.
1.Inferno Row- A pretty good part of town with nice looking moderate homes. There are a lot of cul-de-sacs in this neighborhood and it's the type of place they host block parties and everyone waves at their neighbors.
Residents: Joseph Wallace
2.NorEx- The rough part of town. It's close to the seedy end where all the drug deals happen and the casino is located. Good people don't walk around this place after dark.
Residents: Charles Roman
3.Westfield Grove- This area is not as rich as Southfield Heights, but it is pretty close. Well cared for homes and immaculate yards.
Residents: Chance Navarro
4.Southfield Heights- The rich part of town. Located on the South end, it is more rural and less congested than the areas near the town's commercial properties.
Residents: Bastian Sinclair
Isabel Fane
Emilia Blake
5.Babylon Breaks Apartments- Rent is cheap, but there's a reason. Located close to the casino, these apartments are infested with demons and their influence.
Residents: Jesse Page
Sterling Cole
Blake Roman
6.Lake Ridge- A rather poor part of town. Houses in this area are a bit more run down and on the cheap side.
Residents: Angus Marshal
7.Creek End- It's a good neighborhood to live in. People are friendly for the most part and neighbors do things for each other here. It's a middle class area with well kept homes.
Residents: Zachary Michaels
Claire MacCullen
Bo Jorgensen
8.Inferno Fields Apartments- The higher end apartments, located in a better neighborhood than Babylon Breaks. The rent is higher, but you're paying for the security guards and the pool.
Residents: Lucy Davis
Ken Michaels
Ella Michaels
9.Lake View- Located near the South end of Main Street, this little area is close knit and has easy access to the lake
Residents: Justice Cooper
Grace Darrow
Marion Barnes
A.Bon Secours Doctor's Volunteer Clinic- A private, non-profit, community-based health care clinic operating solely on donations and grants. Our mission is to provide quality medical care with respect, commitment and compassion to the children and adults in our community who are uninsured, homeless, or living in poverty. Our vision is to provide access to quality health care and preventative education as we assist our patients with the management of their health care needs.
G.Library- The quietest place around next to the corn fields. There are a lot of books available and what they don't have they can get from the county and state libraries on special order.
I.Dan's Diner- They’ve got home-style food and fresh baked goods until they run out. There is the family along with a small staff to do the cooking, waitressing, and cleanup. Lucy Davis waitresses and does the baking. The diner is open 6 am-9 pm Tuesday-Thursday, 6 am-10 pm Friday-Sunday, and is closed Mondays.
K.Pharmacy- Your one-stop for all your prescription needs.
N.City Hall & Courthouse- Those petty crimes trials are done here along with town meetings. The major's offices are located here, as well.
O.Grand Haven 9 Cinemas- With nine theaters available, Grand Haven keeps up with the newest movies released each week. Occasionally indie movies and less mainstream films are shown. A few months out of the year, Grand Haven also promotes old films with their "Silent Night", "Black and White Week" and "Musical Monday" events.
P.Babylon Breaks Strip Mall- Six buildings make up this strip mall. Each hold different businesses (from East to West).
1.The Cellar (hover) The Cellar is a small, local bar that's been there as long as most people remember. With it's dark wood decor, long mahogany bar with vinyl covered stools, and a small menu of (mostly fried) tavern food, the Cellar's a great place to watch the game, unwind after work, or have a drink with friends. Hours: Thu - Tue 4pm to 2am. Closed Wednesdays.
The Boom BoxxxThe Boom Boxxx is an adult shop that carries a wide array of toys, magazines, movies, novelty items and even has a small movie room for movie previews. Sterling Cole is the manager and very knowlegable about the products they carry and the sexual experience itself. Hours of Operation are: Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-8pm.
Take A ChanceTake A Chance is owned by Chance Navarro and features male and female exotic dancers that are available for parties, events and various functions. The dancers, and Chance himself, often act as escorts as well, although this is a little known and unproven fact.
Q.Babylon Civic Center- The Civic Center is the city's way of giving back to the community. Various self-improvement classes are available there, city sports leagues are formed and an indoor and outdoor pool are offered along with a small gym and ice rink.
R.Police Station & City Jail- The local police force keep their offices here and the small jail holds the drunks, vandalizers, traffic violators, and other small crime perps. More serious crimes are dealt with in the county and state prisons.
S.Fire Station No. 8- Calling into the Fire Station will see the trucks blaring down the road in record time. It only takes about ten to fifteen minutes for them to respond.
T.Babylon Regional Bank- The only bank in town, which makes it the most popular bank among residents of Babylon. Those who are untrusting or don't like this bank have to go over to Mason City for nationally owned banks.
U.Post Office- The post office is just that. Send out all those packages and letters through this place.
V.Inferno Circle Strip Mall- Six buildings comprise the strip mall and each holds a different business (from North to South).
1.Darrow InvestigationsDarrow Investigations is a private detective agency run by Grace Darrow. She takes just about any case, no matter how big or small. She has the uncanny ability to find things that are lost, so she often gets cases that the police wouldn't bother with. Office hours are: Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm
W.Redemption Park-A nice park located in a moderate neighborhood. Lots of playground equipment and a pond in the middle.
X.Akkadian Forest- Get lost among the trees. The forest is a peaceful place where some tourists like to camp and the locals like to hang out.
Y.The Experience- A seedy place for parties and raves. Lots of craziness happens here, and there are different parties and events every night. Different DJs and types of music are played so that it caters to all kinds of people. The Experience is located in the old airport hangar and thus far has proven to be completely legal. Local police still watch it like a hawk and patrol the surrounding area for drunk drivers.
DJ: Old Scratch (Isabel Fane)
Z.Brimstone- The local casino. Located on private property owned by Bastian Sinclair, the casino is difficult to infiltrate. Illegal things happen, but no one has yet been able to pin Bastian to any particular crime. It's rumored that a brothel is located inside, but codewords and lots of money are necessary to be a patron there. The casino is open every day, round the clock, no matter the time or the season.