• Wings- Angels may have wings or not. Feathers are often a part of their appearance regardless of if they have wings or not. They may be in their hair, manifest as tattoos on their back or shoulders or as "œbirthmarks".
  • Eyes- Angels have a silver or gold hue to their eyes. It is like a sheen or a flash of color in certain lights.
  • Glow- As ethereal beings, they have a glow about them. It comes from their ability to radiate light.
  • Navel- Angels do not have navels or belly buttons as they were not born of human parents.
  • Human Form- Angels have the ability to use glamor to conceal their true forms from others. Even in their human forms they are radiant and stunningly beautiful.


  • The Leaders- The Order of Michael (Michaelites) Named after the archangel Michael, the members of this order are trained in the arts of strategy, tactics and leadership. With their unique mental powers, they are the perfect commanders of the heavenly hosts. Like the archangel himself, the Michaelites are deemed the purest and most godlike of all angels. Their crest features a radiant crown and a key. Their traditional color is gold. Their main power is telekinesis.

  • The Scouts- The Order of Uriel (Urielites) Named after the archangel Uriel, this order keeps the knowledge of the ways of the Lord. The Urielites are the scouts and messengers among the angels. As such, their gift enables them to find their way even in the dark of night or in the middle of a thunderstorm. They are also very capable foragers, and can find food and water in the loneliest desert. The all-seeing eye is their crest. Their colour is green. Their main power is the ability to find anything that is lost.

  • The Warriors- The Order of Gabriel (Gabrielites) Named after the archangel Gabriel, this angelic order is the most widely feared. These warriors of God, also called the angels of death, are trained to fight and kill in every imaginable way. With the flaming sword, which is also the symbol of the order, they deal out the Lord's judgment. The colour of their order is white or silver. Their main power is the working knowledge of all fighting tactics and war strategies.

  • The Keepers- The Order of Ramiel (Ramielites )This order follows the archangel Ramiel or Jeremiel. The Ramielites are the keepers of knowledge and the sages among the other orders. Their divine gift lets them see the past as well as the future. Their crest is the book and the alpha and omega. The colour of their order is blue. Their main power is clairvoyance.

  • The Healers- The Order of Raphael (Raphaelites) This order, named after the archangel Raphael, is accustomed to the ways of healing. A touch of their hands can soothe pain, heal wounds, and even banish misery. Many Raphaelites refrain from violence completely and do not even carry weapons. Their crest shows the healing hand. Their colour is yellow. Their main power is healing.


  • Scholars- These angels search for enlightenment, the best way to bring about the end of the prophecy.
  • Rectifiers- These angels bring about justice in the world. They are doing the most to convict and eradicate the demons.
  • Enlisted- They are preparing to bring about the entire destruction of the demons.
  • Resisters- They don't want to kill demons, they want to convert them. They are also committed to protecting the earth until the prophecy comes to pass.
  • Watchers- Committed to protecting and converting humans.



  • Horns- Demons have horns on either side of their forehead. The size varies.
  • Eyes- Demons have a red hue to their eyes. It manifests in certain lights as a sheen or glint.
  • Wings- Demons may or may not have wings. They are usually bat-like in texture and appearance.
  • Tail- Demons may or may not have a tail. It is usually prehensile and pointed.
  • Tongue- Demons have forked tongues.
  • Human Form- Demons have the ability to use a glamour to hide their true forms from others. They are seductively handsome and beautiful even in their human forms.


  • The Defilers- House of Lammasu Originally Angels of the Deeps, the Fifth House have an affinity with fluidity, giving them power over water, over emotions, and even their own forms. Their crest is handcuffs to symbolize binding others to their will. Their color is black. Their main power is the element of water.

  • The Devils- House of Namaru The first House created by God, leaders on both sides of the rebellion, the Devils' affinity is for radiance, enabling them to command mortal and Elohim alike, and granting them power over fire. Their crest is a compass to symbolize leadership. Their color is red. Their main power is the element of fire.

  • The Devourers- House of Rabisu Once the Angels of the Wild, warriors without equal, the Sixth House can command animals and plants alike, as well as shaping and reshaping the flesh of other beings as they desire. Their crest is the biohazard symbol to signify their toxic nature. Their color is orange. Their main power is over humans and animals.

  • The Malefactors- House of Annunaki The Third House, the Angels of the Fundament, were the makers of form, the shapers of Creation. They defined spatial relationships, the paths from one place to another. Theirs is the power to shape the earth, and to make and empower astonishing artifacts. Their crest is a singing sword to symbolize their power. Their color is indigo. Their main power is the element of earth.

  • The Scourges- House of Asharu The Angels of the Firmanent were the second House to be created. They were the ones who guided the winds of creation, who granted the breath of life to all living things, and who defined the spiritual connections between living beings. Their crest is a sword with a snake coiled around it to symbolize their devotion to ridding the world of all that is good. Their color is purple. Their main power is the element of air.


  • Faustians- Their goal is to foster humanity's divine potential, the divine spark that burns in every human, and then turn it against God; whether they intend to be the ones who encourage that potential, or the ones who enslave it, depends on which of them you ask.
  • Cryptics- These demons stand for the search for knowledge pure and simple. This allows for a variety of options and no single way to classify them as long as the demon claims the search for information about the Fall and their imprisonment as their goal.
  • Luciferans- Lucifer's standing army, their goal is to find their Morningstar and ensure that they are at a strategic advantage when the time comes to pick up the reins of the war once more.
  • Raveners- Nihilists of the highest order, these demons stand for nothing at all except for the destruction of everything that is Creation. They feel that if they've lost the war then no one deserves to hold the prize.
  • Tainted- These demons have made it their sole mission to corrupt angels. They would rather drag them down to hell than kill them.


    Nephilim are the product of a human and angel union.


  • Anatomically favor their human parent. They may have a glow about them and have feathers in their hair, but for the most part look human. Generally light haired with light eyes, although they may also be darker in complexion, depending on the appearance of their human parent.
  • Reproducing with another Nephilim has a 1 in 8 chance of producing a Nephilim child. Usually they are born human but (50% of the time) may carry a power from their angelic ancestors.
  • Growth spurt between the ages of 12-18
  • Rarely shorter than 6'™


    Daemonem are the product of a human and demon union.


  • Physically favor their demon parent. They will have a seductive beauty and may have bumps on their heads where small horns have not broken through the skin or a spur where a tail might have grown at the end of their tailbone. They are usually dark haired with dark eyes, there are exceptions to this and obviously they have the ability to dye/bleach dark hair.
  • Reproducing with another Daemonem has a 1 in 10 chance of producing a Daemomen child. Usually they are born human, but human children have a 25% chance of inheriting demonic powers.
  • Cease to age after mid-twenties.


    Humans without angelic or demonic blood in their family tree are just normal humans with normal weaknesses. Most regular humans are unaware of the supernatural.


  • Are aware of the prophecy and the presence of angels and demons.
  • Have sided with the angels or demons and hunt one or the other for whatever reason, usually to aid one side in fulfilling their part of the prophecy.
  • Usually the offspring of a Nephilim and a Daemonem, but also may come from a half-breed and human union. They remain human but may have certain truncated powers.
  • Babylon used to be a quiet, pious city before the demons arrived. Now it is a bit more rough and evil. It is easier to be bad than good, but humans may either be good or bad.