1. Original characters only. No angels or demons from the bible or other religious literature are allowed.
  2. Do not cross IC with OOC. Keep OOC feelings from affecting your character and this RP. Remember that a bitchy character does not always equal a bitchy mun.
  3. There is no current character limit, however we ask that you display an ability to handle multiple characters if you wish to have more than one.
  4. You may start with (1) character. Please contact the mods if you would like to apply for additional characters. If you have displayed an ability to handle the one you have, you may apply for others.
  5. Character deaths are allowed. However, this must be cleared by a mod first. Both characters (the killer and the victim) must be in agreement. Additionally, killing of other characters without permission is not allowed unless it is an NPC.
  6. Some form of activity is expected at least every (2) weeks. More often would be preferable. Please do not join this RP unless you plan to be active. We welcome new members but want players who plan to post and reply in a timely manner. It is also in good taste to reply to current and active threads in a timely manner. Leaving your writing partner hanging is seen as unfriendly.
  7. If you are not going to be able to play for a period of more than (2) weeks, please let a mod know.
  8. This game is rated NC-17. It is slash and smut friendly. Must be of age to play. The RP is full of adult situations, violence and sexual acts. Although your character is yours to play as you see fit, we cannot imagine why you would join this RP if you don’t wish to read such things.
  9. No godmodding. If you are controlling another character’s actions you should have permission from the player. If you wish to write about something that was not RPed out, get the other mun’s consent. Please also make sure than anything your character does that could affect the environment, overall plot or things of that nature that you discuss it with mods and/or your writing partner before proceeding.
  10. No one is perfect. Your character shouldn’t be, either.
  11. Icons must be used. PBs are mandatory.
  12. Day advancement happens in real time.
  13. An accepted character and journal to this RPG should be exclusive to this game.
  14. Spell check is your friend. Please use it.
  15. Posts and replies need to be of a length that they give enough info to play from. There is no minimum or maximum paragraph limit, but please no one-liners. Be considerate of your partner and give them something to work with.
  16. Posts in the main community should be written in 3rd person past tense. Posts in the networking community should be written in 1st person present tense. Your character’s journal can be used to post as a first person present tense journal or for customs.
  17. The OOC journal is where you put any OOC notes or announcements or questions you might have.
  18. Each threading community post will begin with a heading stating the day of play. Below that will be listed where, when, and who is to be involved in the thread. The community is unlocked, but you may lock your posts if you like.
  19. If a thread is OTA then it definitely is. But if several characters are already in the middle of playing something out, be good enough to speak with them before jumping in to be sure they haven’t planned out how it is going to go.